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Posted By: Amanda | Posted In: Physical Therapist | December 6, 2021
physical therapist assistant

People enter the field of physical therapist assisting for many different reasons. Working as a physical therapist assistant (PTA) can be a rewarding job. 

You can apply for our physical therapist assistant program at any time and start on your journey to becoming a PTA. Why should you become a physical therapist assistant? Let us share some of the benefits of being a PTA. 

Job outlook 

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, PTAs will see a job growth of around 35% in the field. This means that the field of PTA is growing at a very fast rate with job openings available across the United States. 

As a licensed PTA, you may be able to find many job opportunities in hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes. Having a positive job outlook is one of the reasons why you should become a physical therapist assistant with SABER College.

Salary ranges

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that PTAs earn a median (middle) wage of $49,970 per year, or $24.02 per hour. PTAs may earn more than that with more experience or if their employer starts with higher wages. 

The salary range for physical therapist assistants is one of the reasons why people enter the field. If you want to earn a living while doing something you enjoy, then a career as a PTA may be for you! 

Helping people every day

Another draw for people is that physical therapist assistants are helping people every day. Why do patients get physical therapy? Patients are in pain or need to strengthen their muscles to improve their health and wellbeing. As a physical therapist assistant, you get to participate in their healing. 

Physical therapy provides valuable relief services for patients. PTAs get to help people every day with their physical therapy. That can be rewarding for some people and a good motivation for becoming a PTA. 


Ready to apply? Let’s go! Start your journey as a physical therapist assistant today.