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SABER College Graduation Requirements

Graduates who achieve the Professional Nursing A.S. Degree or a Physical Therapist Assistant A.S. degree from SABER College are expected to demonstrate the knowledge and skills to practice patient-centered, culturally sensitive care while respecting the relationship between the needs of society and the needs of the individual. With this foundation for the practice of medicine, SABER College requires that each graduating student demonstrate the following abilities to be deemed competent to undertake further training in graduate medical education programs.

Candidates for the Professional Nursing A.S. Degree/Diploma or a Physical Therapist Assistant A.S. Degree/Diploma must have fulfilled conditions in the following course requirements:

  1. Successfully achieved a passing grade.
  2. Met required hours (minimum 80% rate)**
  3. Fulfilled all monetary obligations to the school.
**Students in each program must adhere to the requirements listed under each program.