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Becoming a professional nurse can be a rewarding option for those seeking a career that prioritizes helping others. Registered nurses experience a high degree of patient contact, spending most of their day interacting with patients by administering treatment and providing care. Working as a registered nurse can be demanding.

To be successful, nurses should possess several qualities, including organization, compassion, patience, empathy, stamina, and strength. Because registered nurses are a critical part of a patient’s care team, and are directly involved in making important treatment decisions, nurses should be able to think critically, communicate well, and stay calm. If you enjoy fast-paced and challenging environments, helping people, and science, a career as a registered nurse may be a natural fit for you. 

Job Description of a Registered Nurse

Registered nurses complete a range of duties centered around patient care. They work with the wider patient care team to treat injured or sick patients. Day-to-day duties include:

  • Administer medication 
  • Change wound dressings
  • Take vital signs
  • Perform physical examinations and diagnostic tests
  • Place IV lines
  • Inform patients and their families about disease conditions or procedures
  • Work with doctors and the wider care team to develop patient treatment plans
  • Supervise other nurses, including licensed practical nurses (LPNs) and certified nursing assistants (CNAs)

Understanding the Professional Nurse Program at SABER

SABER College’s Professional Nursing Program (PNP) is an intensive, full-time program that helps you develop the skills you need to become a professional registered nurse and a professional caregiver. Our curriculum includes a blend of theory, lab work, and clinical work, to ensure you are prepared to take the NCLEX-RN examination and have the skills necessary to practice nursing successfully in the real world.

Coursework includes topics in human anatomy and physiology, psychology, microbiology, human growth and development, pharmacology, psychiatric nursing, medical/surgical nursing, and obstetrics and pediatrics. Students will learn valuable skills and techniques in our clinical practicum courses  that can be applied to real-world settings while working as a registered nurse. Upon graduation from our Professional Nursing Program, graduates will receive an Associate of Science Degree in Nursing (ASN). Our Florida nursing school is licensed through the Florida Department of Education Commission for Independent Education and institutionally accredited by the Council on Occupational Education.

Taking the NCLEX-RN After Completing the Professional Nursing Program

After completing the Professional Nurse Program and receiving an Associate of Science Degree in Nursing, graduates will be eligible to take the NCLEX-RN examination. All nursing graduates must take and pass the NCLEX exam before becoming eligible for licensure in the state of Florida. Before taking the NCLEX, students will need to apply for licensure with the Florida Board of Nursing. The NCLEX must also receive confirmation of student eligibility from the Florida Board of Nursing prior to the student sitting for the exam. Students must also pay the NCLEX registration fee to sit for the exam.

How to Pass the NCLEX to Become a Professional Nurse

With a minimum of 75 questions and a maximum of 265 questions, taking up to six hours to complete, the NCLEX can be a rigorous experience. In addition, only 72% of test takers pass the NCLEX. As such, students must devote proper time for preparation and study before taking the NCLEX. 

The NCLEX is administered in a computerized adaptive testing format, meaning no two NCLEX tests are the same. During the exam, a computer algorithm will determine which questions to give you next, depending on your performance on past questions. Each correct answer will cause the computer to generate more questions.

Students should put together a Professional Nurse study plan in the months before the exam to review the material they learned throughout their RN program. To better prepare, students can take NCLEX practice exams or register for an NCLEX prep course. It is important to work through any test anxiety and get plenty of sleep before the exam. Committing to a well-planned study schedule and learning about the format of the NCLEX should help you on the exam.

How To Begin Your Journey to Becoming a Professional Nurse with SABER College 

Are you ready to take the next step towards becoming a professional nurse? As one of the premier nursing schools in Miami, at SABER College of Nursing, we understand that the future of healthcare relies on nurses who are educated in evidence-based practice. Our small class sizes provide individualized attention from faculty and ensure you get the support you need. Our goal is to provide you with the resources and support you need to achieve your educational and career aspirations. We would be happy to provide more information through our course catalog, which will detail everything you need to know about our Professional Nurse Program. 

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