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Posted By: Amanda | Posted In: Professional Nursing | December 23, 2021
registered nurse

A nursing degree can provide many opportunities in the medical field. While nursing degrees are primarily for becoming a professional nurse, there are other ways to use your degree to achieve your career goals. Check out some of the options below! 

3 Ways to use your nursing degree 

Well, the first way to use your nursing degree is to get a job as a nurse. Registered Nurses work in various medical settings and assist doctors and other nurses with patient care. You can work for hospitals or clinics or nursing homes. Nursing is a hands-on profession where you will meet many different people and assist with their medical needs. 

Another way to use your nursing degree is by becoming a nurse consultant. According to the National Nurses in Business Association, nurse consultants are “nurses who usually identify problems and develop solutions.” Nurse consultants can be self-employed. They work with their clients to design strategies for patient care or organize administration. 

Nurses can also work as community nurses. As a community nurse, you would serve as an educator to the public on safety and health issues. You may also give medical treatments like minor wound care and health checks like blood pressure. Communities are looking for nurses to provide outreach. 

Other options 

There are many other ways to use your nursing degree as well. For example, you can become a cruise ship nurse, a nursing researcher, or an occupational health nurse. Find your path at SABER College!

SABER College’s Professional Nursing Program (PNP) awards graduates with an associates degree in nursing. You can start your career as a Registered Nurse or try out some of the roles that we discussed above. Become a licensed nurse and see what opportunities await you!