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Posted By: Amanda | Posted In: Career Resources | Professional Nursing | August 3, 2022
registered nurse

Registered Nurses are important to the healthcare field. Considering that patients will interact with RNs more often than with their doctors, RNs should be appreciated for their hard work in the field. Busy RNs see several patients a day, answer questions, and have opportunities to bring smiles and compassion to patients. 

Registered Nurses have a variety of job duties. These duties vary depending on where the RN works and whether the RN has any specialization. However, let’s discuss some of the common duties that all RNs may be responsible for. 

Patient Care 

The number one duty for Registered Nurses is patient care. Patient care includes a lot of responsibilities. For example, RNs will ask questions to record medical histories or will explain care instructions for home care. RNs may also need to provide a listening ear to share patient concerns with the doctor. 

RNs take blood samples and bandage wounds. They can administer medications or IVs and assist patients who have mobility concerns. As you can see, Registered Nurses will work with patients every day to provide high quality and personalized care. 

Assisting doctors and other nurses 

Registered Nurses work in a field that requires teamwork. Good patient care involves doctors and nurses who work together to help patients with their injuries and illnesses. As an RN, you would assist doctors and other nurses on a daily basis. This could involve triaging patients during an emergency or handing tools to the surgeon during surgery. 

RNs may need to examine patients ahead of time or share symptoms with the doctor. Nurses can also do nurse visits. These visits are often short for a quick examination to see if the patient should follow up with the doctor for further examination or testing. 

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