Physical Therapist Assistant Program Requirements
Female physiotherapy helping young male amputee to walk. Patient wearing prosthesis using rehabilitation equipment. Man learning to walk again. Rehabilitation, recovery, determination, physiotherapy.

Physical Therapist Assistant Program Requirements

If you are interested in becoming a physical therapist assistant, then enrolling in Saber College’s physical therapist assistant program may help you to achieve that goal. There are a few requirements you should be aware of as a student in the physical therapist assistant program.

Saber College has designed a program that will prepare you to start a career as a physical therapist assistant in Florida. You will be earning an associate of science degree as well. The program also prepares you to take the licensing exam for physical therapist assistants.

Earning your PTA degree 

Your degree requires attending classes, submitting homework, and taking tests. The curriculum covers basic professional skills that everyone should develop in addition to the core courses in Physical Therapist Assistant. 

The fifth semester of the program gives students an opportunity to practice what they have learned throughout the other four semesters. Clinicals are a vital component of your associate of science degree in physical therapist assistant because these courses provide hands-on experience in the field.

Graduating as a Physical Therapist Assistant 

To graduate successfully from the program, students will need to complete all of the required courses and earn passing grades. This is why it is important to develop study skills and time management while you are in school. 

Students also need to make sure to meet a high percentage of the required hours for their program. That means that class attendance or checking in if the courses are online and submitting homework are vital to your success in the program.

As you can see, physical therapist assistants are well trained medical professionals. Graduating from the program qualifies you to take the national exam for physical therapist assistants. Then you can apply for licensure with the Florida Board of Physical Therapy and start looking for jobs as a physical therapist assistant. 

Want to learn more about the program? Or ready to apply now? Contact us to begin your journey to a career as a Physical Therapist Assistant today!