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Posted By: Amanda | Posted In: Physical Therapist | January 10, 2022
physical therapist assistant

Physical therapist assistants have a lot of reasons to be excited about their careers. Are you considering a career as a physical therapist assistant (PTA)? The PTA program at SABER College will prepare you for an entry level career as a physical therapist assistant. See what being a PTA is all about below! 

Physical therapist assistants get to work with patients 

Working directly with patients is one of the things about becoming a PTA that interests people. You get to assist with the physical therapy of patients and help patients to continue their therapy at home. Do you like talking to people and helping them? Then a career as a physical therapist assistant may be right for you! 

PTAs will get to do massage and stretching with patients to prepare them for other therapies with the physical therapist. PTAs also explain therapies to patients or answer their questions. Help people recover from injuries or reduce pain from aging. Physical therapist assistant is a very people-oriented career. 

Physical Therapist Assistants positive future job outlook 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that PTAs will grow at a 35% rate through 2030! What does this mean? The demand for PTAs will continue to grow and provide job openings at a faster than average rate. When you start looking for a job as a physical therapist assistant, you will likely find several openings across the state. 

Physical therapists work with hundreds of patients, so they need PTAs to help them. Patient care is an important part of being a PTA. Physical therapists need qualified people to work with them. 

Become a Physical Therapist Assistant in only 2 years 

The PTA program at SABER College results in a two-year associate’s degree. Students take 76 credit hours in theory and practical courses that also include general education courses. General education is good for any professional career. The PTA program also prepares students to take the National Physical Therapy Examination for PTA.

You can achieve your goals of becoming a Physical Therapist Assistant at SABER College. We are accepting enrollment applications now! Contact us to get started.