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Posted By: Amanda | Posted In: Professional Nursing | July 2, 2022
become registered nurse six steps

So you want to become a registered nurse? If you are reading this, assume you are on the right path. Nursing is a profession associated with compassion, caring and comfort. Nurses are often the ones on the front lines in hospitals and medical centers, providing care and comfort to patients. They may also work in private practice, or in other settings such as schools or nursing homes.

Becoming a registered nurse may be your dream, and you are ready to begin. You can start to work as a registered nurse only after passing state licensing. There are many paths you can take to achieve this goal, so let’s set you on the right one. 

Step 1: Start with a high school diploma or GED

Changing or choosing careers can be challenging. However, as long as you have a high school diploma or GED, you can apply to colleges to earn your associates of science degree in nursing.

If you want to earn your diploma, then check with your school district about what their requirements are for graduation. If you want to earn your GED, then sign up for an exam-prep course with an organization like Kaplan or CollegeBoard. It’s also worth noting that some states require students who have taken the GED test to take another exam after graduation called HiSET (High School Equivalency Testing).

Step 2: Attain a college degree in nursing

If you’re looking to become a licensed registered nurse, then having a college degree in nursing may be a great option for you. Only certain schools in the United States offer the associate of science in nursing degree. They generally award this degree following the completion of two years of full-time study. You can also go to school part-time, but that will lengthen the time of completion. 

Consider whether or not you want to attend a traditional brick-and-mortar school or an online program. It’s important that your learning environment is going to be conducive to your success as a student and future nurse. You’ll also need to consider whether or not an online program is right for you—are there times when having face-to-face interaction would be useful? If so, make sure that an online program offers that option too!

Once those questions are answered, it’s time to start looking at which schools offer the degree programs that interest you most—and then apply!

Step 3: Apply for initial RN licensure

Next, you will need to apply for initial RN licensure to be able to take NCLEX.  The NCLEX is a test that you will have to take in order to become a registered nurse.

It’s important to know what to expect when you take the NCLEX, so that you can prepare yourself for the big day.

To pass the NCLEX, you’ll need to prepare for the exam. 

Step 4. Pass the NCLEX

Taking the NCLEX is a big step to becoming a registered nurse. Before taking the licensing exam and being allowed to practice at hospitals or health-related institutions, you need to pass the NCLEX examination. This is a national examination that will determine if you have all the knowledge to handle the job responsibilities as a nurse.

Section: Step 5. Find full-time employment as an RN

Working as a registered nurse (RN) may well be challenging. Working with other people and patients may, at first, be daunting. This is where a solid education that focuses on both classroom time and cynical experience is important. 

Finding full-time employment as an RN can be both time-consuming and stressful. Your first question is probably: where do I start? If you already know which facility you’re looking forward to working for then make sure to apply there during your search. Even if you do not gain employment at first, your name will be in their system.

Step 6: Prosper as an RN

Many people would agree that becoming a nurse is one of the most fulfilling jobs in any field. Working in hospitals and helping those who need it has been an honorable profession for many years. Fortunately, there are many career options for individuals who wish to become nurses. Whether you want to become a pediatric nurse or a critical care nurse, you can use this information to begin your journey. 

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