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Posted By: Amanda | Posted In: Physical Therapist | January 24, 2022
physical therapist assistant

Did you know that you can enter the field of physical therapy as a Physical Therapist Assistant? Physical Therapist Assistants, or PTAs, work under the supervision of licensed physical therapists but also get to perform some therapy treatments for patients, too. 

The demand for PTAs continues to grow. Are you interested in working in the medical field? Do you want to start a new career in physical therapy? Now is a great time to learn about becoming a physical therapist assistant!

What physical therapist assistants do 

Physical Therapist Assistants are licensed medical professionals. PTAs must have approved training and pass the National Physical Therapy Examination for PTA to begin working in the field. 

Once employed as a PTA, the PTA will observe patients during their treatments and sometimes assist with the exercises. PTAs may provide education to patients and their families on at-home exercises and therapies. And PTAs can also perform some therapies on patients as well.

Every day will likely be somewhat different as you work with a variety of patients. It would be beneficial to be good with people and have compassion and patience with those suffering from chronic pain and mobility issues. Your knowledge will guide patients in their health care. 

Becoming a physical therapist assistant 

PTAs are required to be trained and licensed. You can become a Physical Therapist Assistant by enrolling and completing SABER College’s PTA program. Graduates earn an Associate of Science degree and qualify to take the required licensing exam, National Physical Therapy Examination for PTA. 

In two years’ time, you could achieve your goal of starting a new career as a PTA. Enroll in the PTA program today and start your classes right away! 

Why wait? Physical therapy offices need more PTAs to help with their patients. You can become a Physical Therapist Assistant with SABER College to guide the way.