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Posted By: Amanda | Posted In: Higher Education | November 8, 2021

Have you dreamed about becoming a nurse your whole life? Or, are you thinking about changing careers to become a nurse? A nursing career is a great career path that you can achieve in 2022. There are many reasons to become a nurse. Let’s talk about four of those reasons!

Nursing is in high demand 

One of the major reasons to become a nurse in 2022 is that nurses are in high demand. Hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and home care medical services all need nurses. Nurses engage with patients on a daily basis and do important work to assist the physicians who work with them. 

Nurses often spend more time with patients than physicians do. In many cases, nurses will be the ones who communicate the doctors’ instructions and explain home care steps to patients. Nurses also answer patient questions. 

Nurses make a salary you may like

According to Glassdoor, nurses may make an average of $65,040/year. The pay range for the majority of nurses may be $44,000 to $96,000 a year based on education level, experience, and location. Entry-level nurses may make around $35,000 to $65,000 a year. 

In Florida, Registered Nurses have a mean (middle) salary of $67,610 a year. The salary that a nurse makes depends on the organization as well as whether or not the nurse works in a specialization. Nurses with more experience may make more money, too. However, nursing salaries are often an appealing aspect for why people decide to become nurses. 

Expected job growth 

Not only are nurses in high demand, nursing has an expected job growth of 9 percent through 2030. That means the medical facilities may be hiring more nurses over the next decade. Nurses may also see advancement opportunities where they work. 

Expected job growth is an indicator that a career field is stable. People who become nurses in 2022 may be able to find job openings and begin their careers! Joining the medical field as a nurse means growing your career and finding opportunities across the state. 

You can train at SABER College 

Another reason to become a nurse in 2022 is that you can train at SABER College. The Professional Nursing Program (PNP) is accredited by the Council on Occupational Education (COE) and licensed by the Commission for Independent Education (CIE). Students earn an Associate of Science in Nursing.

As a nursing student at SABER College, you will gain a comprehensive education that prepares you to work as a professional nurse. You will learn the medical knowledge and practical skills that you need to learn to pass the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN for becoming a nurse. 


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