Academic Programs

              Associate Degree Program

  • Professional Nursing Program (PNP) – (AS) 82 Semester Credit hrs (Traditional & Hybrid Delivery)
  • Physical Therapist Assistant – (AS) 76 Semester Credit hrs. (Traditional & Hybrid Delivery)


Course Numbering System

Associate in Science Programs

The first two digits of the course number indicate the level of the course.  Lower level courses are 1001 and 2001.  Advanced level courses are termed 3001 and above.  The third and fourth digit of the course number indicates the series of the courses. Program outlines and descriptions for Associate Degree programs offered can be found in pages 7 through 22 of this catalog.


Courses reflected with one (1) asterisk are general educations courses

Courses reflected with two (2) asterisks are general education courses offered online

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