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All PTA Program applicants who meet entrance requirements are required to participate in a formal oral interview process.  The interview is a panel interview with the Program’s Admissions Committee.  The interview aims to evaluate the applicant’s affective skills, including communication, professionalism, and attitude.  It will also assess the applicant’s knowledge of the profession.  The intent is to improve student retention by admitting students who exhibit a good knowledge base of the profession and key characteristics vital to success in the field of physical therapy. All students will receive the same questions and will be scored based upon the content of their responses.  Questions will include the following content:

  1. The applicant’s general knowledge of the profession of physical therapy including work settings, challenges of the profession, and role of the APTA.
  2. The applicant’s understanding of the roles of the physical therapist and physical therapist assistant and their professional relationships.
  3. The applicant’s rationale for the selection of physical therapy as their profession of choice.
  4. The applicant’s knowledge of the PTA Program’s curriculum and requirements associated with clinical and didactic experiences.
  5. Other areas related to the professional and to the applicant’s personal successes and challenges.

Applicants who are selected for the interview process should review information available in the Prospective Student Informational Packet available on the SABER College website www.sabercollege.edu and visit the American Physical Therapy Association’s website at wws.apta.org to learn more about the profession prior to the interview.


Grading Rubric for Oral Interview

Question 1: Professionalism

Poor  (0 Points) Fair (1 Point) Good (2 Points)
Unprofessional and inappropriate business attire.Use of improper social skills and body language

More than 15 minutes late


Professional attire but comes in jeans, sneakers, exercise clothes, etc.Use of good manners and body language

Less than 15 min late

Professional attire including business dress, slacks, etc.Use of appropriate social skills and body language


 Questions 2-10:

Poor  (0 Points) Fair (1 Point) Good (2 Points)
Unable to accurately answer questionsNervousness impedes answering questions

No eye contact

Use of negative words to describe self and negative attitude towards experiences related to physical therapy

Use of rude comments

Answers demonstrate lack of commitment to program

Answers do not support choice of profession

Accurately answers questions but incompleteNervousness impedes answering questions completely and thoroughly

Decreased eye contact

Long pauses when answering questions

Short quick responses

Answers demonstrate commitment to program and choice of profession

Accurately answers questionsMaintains eye contact

Nervousness does not impede answering questions thoroughly and completely

Use of details and supportive comments to answer questions

Use of positive words to describe self and experiences

Answers demonstrate commitment to program

Answers support choice of profession