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Position Title: Faculty

Reports to: Program Director,  Lead Instructor

Program: Professional Nursing Program (A.S.)

Responsibilities: Applicants must have an Active FL. Nursing License, at least 3 years of experience teaching nursing courses and a Master’s in Nursing from an accredited institution.  Nurse Instructors are responsible for equipping future nurses with the knowledge and skills that can help them pass the NCLEX examination and  provide quality patient care as well as advance in their career.   Nursing Instructors carry our daily tasks that often include supervising laboratory and clinical work, managing lessons and procedures, conducting research on nursing related topic, and working with internal and external educational partners to support instructional programs.

1. Creates a classroom environment that is conducive to learning by preparing lesson plans that contain the goals, implements and conducts teaching strategies and objectives for the class.

2. The instructor is proactive and promotes motivation for learning to the student in theory, lab and clinical practice.

3. Employs instructional methods and materials that are most appropriate for meeting stated objectives. Demonstrates and teaches patient care in classroom and clinical units to nursing students, and instructs students in principles and application of physical, biological, and psychological subjects related to nursing: Lectures to students, conducts and supervises laboratory work, issues assignments, and directs seminars and panels.

4. Assesses the accomplishments of students by using quizzes, exams, and evaluations. Prepares and administers examinations, evaluates student progress, and maintains records of student classroom and clinical experience.

5. Diagnoses the learning strengths and weaknesses of students in an objective manner. The instructor will assess the learning needs of the students, provide remediation and provide to the Nursing Director a written description of the student’s conference with teacher, implementation of remediation, and a student final evaluation.

6. Assists the administration in implementing policies and rules governing student life and conduct. Reports any sentinel events to the Nursing department immediately.

7. Develops reasonable rules of classroom/lab/clinical behavior, and procedures. Maintains order in a fair manner according to the school’s rules and regulations.

8. Plans and supervises purposeful assignments, and evaluates their effectiveness in an objective manner. Provides remediation if necessary.

9. Maintains accurate, complete and correct records as required by administrative regulations.

10. Participates in planning curriculum, teaching schedule, and course outline.

11. Participates in activities which facilitate maintaining the faculty member’s own nursing competence and professional expertise in the area of teaching responsibility and maintaining clinical competence through clinical experience, workshops, and/or continuing education.

12. Participates in a faculty organization, which meets regularly, at scheduled and recorded meeting, and provides for faculty involvement in the operation of the program

13. Performs other duties as assigned.

These are general guidelines for this job position.

To apply for the position please contact the Human Resources Department:  humansesources@sabercollege.edu