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How To Become A Physical Therapist Assistant: A Step-By-Step Guide

You can become a physical therapist assistant by following a few steps to reach your goal. Physical therapist assistants (PTAs) are in high demand in the field of physical therapy. Once you become a certified PTA, you may be able to find a job in the field. 

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Posted By: SABER College | December 13th, 2021

Why Should You Become A Physical Therapist Assistant?

People enter the field of physical therapist assisting for many different reasons. Working as a physical therapist assistant (PTA) can be a rewarding job. 

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Posted By: SABER College | December 6th, 2021

A Breakdown of the Nursing Degree Program

The nursing degree program at SABER College prepares you for a future as a Registered Nurse. You will earn an Associate of Science in Nursing by successfully completing the Professional Nursing Program (PNP). The PNP is 82 credit hours, or 1,875 clock hours of theory, labs, and practical clinicals. 

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Posted By: SABER College | December 1st, 2021

3 Steps to Becoming a Registered Nurse

Registered Nurses make a difference in hospitals and clinics across the world. RNs work alongside doctors and bring care to patients in every life stage. The field of nursing is also growing with more openings for nurses becoming available over the next decade. Are you thinking about becoming a nurse? Follow these 3 steps to […]

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Posted By: SABER College | November 30th, 2021

Job Outlook for Physical Therapist Assistant: 2022

Are you considering a career as a physical therapist in 2022? The good news is that the field of physical therapy is in demand and so is the need for physical therapist assistants. You may find that the physical therapy field is a rewarding career for you, too!

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Posted By: SABER College | November 15th, 2021

4 Reasons To Become A Nurse In 2022

Have you dreamed about becoming a nurse your whole life? Or, are you thinking about changing careers to become a nurse? A nursing career is a great career path that you can achieve in 2022. There are many reasons to become a nurse. Let’s talk about four of those reasons!

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Posted By: SABER College | November 8th, 2021

Professional Nursing Demands Grow in Florida as Population Ages

Professional nursing demands continue to grow in Florida as the population ages. A large number of Florida residents are reaching retirement age or older, which means the rising need for medical care in doctors’ offices and hospitals.

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Posted By: SABER College | February 11th, 2021

Become A Nurse In Florida At SABER College

How can SABER College help you to become a nurse? The Professional Nursing program at SABER equips graduates for a career as a Registered Nurse in Florida. Students gain real-world knowledge and skills so that they can get jobs as nurses after they graduate. 

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Posted By: SABER College | January 17th, 2021