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Nursing Program

  1. Applicant must submit a High School Diploma (or equivalent in their country of origin) or GED.
  2. Applicant must be 18 years of age.
  3. The Kaplan (65) is one of SABER’s College official entrance exams. The Kaplan exam will be offered no more than 3 times with waiting times as follows: 72 hrs. after the first exam, and 30 days for the third exam. Applicants may be granted acceptance into the nursing program based upon equivalent entrance test scores on other qualifying exams including ACT (18) SAT (1330 prior to 3/5/16), SAT (980 on or after 3/6/2016) and/or HESI A2 Exam (80), TEAS (58) and Kaplan (65).  Score 11.0 in math, language, and reading on the TABE Test. TABE test is waived for students accepted into another college.
  4. Applicant must submit official school transcript documenting any previous work in the United States, with a minimum GPA of 2.0 (C) for each course, when requesting credit for general education courses previously taken at the associate degree level or higher. A student whose scores are below a 2.0 must take the course at SABER. Applicants requesting general education credit from foreign countries must submit an evaluation from Josef Silny & Associates, Inc. which specifies the academic content of the course to be waived. SABER will only waive general education courses that have the same academic content as the ones offered at this institution.
  5. Applicant must successfully complete a personal oral and written interview with the Program Team   of the program in order to evaluate the applicant’s ability to communicate satisfactorily as required by the health care delivery system.  The interviewer must recommend applicant for admission.
  6. Student Orientation – Orientation of new students is conducted for each academic start.  New students will learn about SABER College, including procedures, rules and regulations. Students will receive their program schedule and will get acquainted with the school facilities on the first day of class, when an orientation session will be provided.  Catalogs and Handbooks will be provided one week prior to the beginning of class.
  7. For Students who are 16-17 years old, parent or guardian approval is required for enrollment.
  8. SABER College designates a properly trained individual to provide each of the following student services: academic advisement: provides information to new and continuing students about SABER College services and academic educational and career goals. The department also provides information to transfer students, guides students toward an academic pathway, and helps students determine their eligibility to graduate.

financial aid advisement: provides information to new and continuing students about SABER College financial services, including loans, grants and methods of payment

personal advisement: will be referred to an appropriate professional who can provides information, assistance and guidance to students in resolving personal and social problems and difficulties. They may refer students to community services as needed.

placement services: Placement services shall be provided to all graduates without additional charge. No guarantee of placement shall be directly or indirectly implied. Records of initial employment of all graduates shall be maintained.

The extent of these services and the personnel assigned to our students shall be determined by the size of our institution.

  • Applicant must submit one letter of recommendation. Letter must have contact information of person writing recommendation, such as name, signature, phone number and address.
  • Applicant must undergo a background check.  If applicant has a recent history of chemical abuse, or an arrest record indicating the same, he/she will be required to contact the intervention Project for Nurses (IPN). Based on the evaluation results of IPN the applicant may be asked to enter into a contractual agreement for services with IPN. Failure to enter into the stipulated contract and/or to comply with any of the requirements of the contract will result in denial of admission into the program.
  • Applicant must meet physical strength and function requirements as required.
  • Applicant must submit proof of CPR certification from the American Heart Association.
  • Applicant must meet personal health requirements as stipulated in the SABER Physical Health Form.

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