Cares Act Section 18004(a) (1)

45 Day Report on ED-GRANTS-042120-004 Institutional Portion as of 9-24-2020

  1. SABER College acknowledges that it sent the Certification Agreement of 4-22-2020
  2. SABER College will spend the institutional portion in expenses related to providing assistance to the students affected by the Covid 19 Virus.
  3. Funds requested by the School for the Institutional Portion of the Grant in the amount of $191,383.00 were received on 5/13/2020.
  4. Total amount of Emergency Financial Aid Grants expenditures to date have been $126,000.
  5.  The School has significantly increased the staff available to help the student’s transition into distance learning and has provided the equipment necessary for the transition.
  6. Expanded connectivity and training has been provided to the designated staff to be able to deliver said services to the affected students.